Over 300 Riders and 460 Bikes Set For 2019 KTM AJMX

One of the largest events on the 2019 Calendar will descend on Gillman, South Australia as the 2019 KTM Australian Junior Motocross Championship (KTM AJMX) kicks off this Saturday September 28th to October 5th. Hosted by the Motocross Riders Association Inc, the Gillman Motocross Track will set the perfect landscape for what is sure to be one for the ages. We share with you all you need to know for the week long championship.

In previous years, many famous motocross riders  have begun their careers at this major championship event and gone onto make names for themselves internationally and creating history in the process. 2019 will be no exception and will also see many new competitors from around the country, as well as internationally. The 2019 KTM AJMX will have competitors from New Zealand, Indonesia and even Argentina, many of which will be visiting Australian shores for the very first time.

We would to wish the very best of luck and safe travels to the following MX Sandgropers heading across the Nullarbor to compete in the prestigious 2019 KTM AJMX.

Sol Pellicano     (50cc)

Charlie Butler   (50cc)

Deegan Fort      (50cc) (65 7-9)

Mason Brown    (50cc) (65 7-9)

Jake Rummens   (65 10-11)  (85 9-U12)

Patrick Butler     (65 10-11)  (85 9-U12)

Sonny Pellicano   (65 10-11)  (85 9-U12)

Seth Shackleton  (65 10-11)  (85 9-U12)

Kayden Minear   (65 10-11)  (85 9-U12)

Kai McGinty   (85 9-U12)

Deacon Paice  (85 12-U14)

Jordan Minear  (85 12-14)

Dylan Walsh   (85 12-14) (125 13-15)

Rhal Selway   (85 15Y)

Jaylee Rimbas (85 Girls)

Camball McMahon  (125 13-15)

Brock Flynn  (125 13-15)  (250 13-15)

Liam Atkinson  (125 13-15)  (250 13-15)

Jake Turner  (125 13-15)  (250 13-15)

Kayne Alexander  (125 15Y)

Cody Chittick  (125 15Y) (250 15Y)

Ross Harron  (250 13-15)

Hannah Stewart  (Girls Y/L)

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