Global Automotrive Distributors

Who Are Global Automotive Distributors?

We would like to take the opportunity to introduce GAD (Global Automotive Distributors) and the Joylong E6 Electric Bus.

In May 2018, GAD brought into Australia (Perth, WA) the Joylong E6 14seat electric bus.  Our manufacturer partner, Joylong has delivered over 14,000 various units to 59 countries throughout the world in the last five (5) years.

GAD (Global Automotive Distributors) has carried out testing of the E6 electric bus extensively over all types of road conditions including severe testing on our harsh road conditions. GAD wanted to be sure that our product would stand up to the testing that has been carried out and must say GAD has been very impressed with the durability of the E6 electric bus.

GAD (Global Automotive Distributors) are the first “Western” country Joylong have dealt with and GAD has formed a very solid relationship with Joylong due to our expertise with vehicles in the Australian market. Global Automotive Distributors have successfully over the last two years in conjunction with the manufacturer obtained Australian Design Rule (ADR) Approval which enables us to import and retail the vehicles.

GAD (Global Automotive Distributors) have the importation rights, through a Distributorship agreement, for Australia and New Zealand for a range of Joylong Electric light commercial vehicles.

The quality and fit and finish of this bus far exceeds previous entries from Chinese manufacturers into Australia. People in the industry have placed orders for vehicles with the intention of taking more.

GAD (Global Automotive Distributors) have appointed dealers in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne and are due to receive their stock in early 2020.

There are three more models, vans, which we are now working on for Australian Design Rule certification and this is expected to be achieved in 2020.

Together, Joylong and GAD (Global Automotive Distributors) are committed to building a quieter and cleaner environment for future generations.